Welcome to the Friends of Faversham Cottage Hospital & Community Medical Centres

Bank Street Medical Centre

"Keeping Our Community Healthy"

Campaigners Celebrate

as X-Ray Machine is Installed

Faversham Medical Centre Newton Place

as X-Ray Machine is Installed

Campaigners Celebrate

as X-Ray Machine is Installed

Faversham Cottage Hospital

"Keeping Our Community Healthy"


The Friends of Faversham are a registered charity responsible for fund raising, supporting patients and staff at Faversham Cottage Hospital and the Community Medical Centres, Newton Place Surgery, Faversham Medical Centre & the MI Unit

We are working together with the Faversham community to retain the vital services that are accessible for all of us.   We also make sure that information on any future plans for our hospital is available and accessible for all.

During the current economic climate the NHS is in a challenging environment.  It is therefore vital that we continue to raise the services and profiles of our valuable resource.  Living in Faversham we recognise how important it is to keep services local.



Friends of Faversham Cottage Hospital

Do you have any time to spare?  

Are you looking for something fulfilling to do?  

Being admitted to hospital is tough enough but having a volunteer with a friendly smile can make a huge difference.

Sign up today and come and join us and make a difference.

Help out at coffee mornings/deliver letters

Contact page for further information or complete the form.

Become a Friend​

Become involved and become a Friend.  Friends’ contributions help us to continue the work of the volunteers and support the staff and patients by providing individual support and additional services and amenities that the NHS is unable to provide.  

Don’t forget to gift aid your contribution.

If you would like to make a donation that would be welcome to.

Fund raising

Become a fund raiser.  So that we can provide the additional resources and services we need to raise funds.  

Any ideas or thoughts that would assist us in doing this would be gratefully received and considered.   

All our funds contribute to the work of the Friends and because of that we have been able to make significant donations for supplies and equipment please click here for further information.

Local Business

Are you a local business and would like to contribute or support the work of the Friends?  

 Would you be willing to adopt us as your charity of the year?   Do you have a space we could put a collection tin or our posters?  For further information please see our contact page

With Your Help

With your help the Friends of Faversham can continue to provide equipment, support and services to Faversham Cottage Hospital and the Community Medical Centres.